Underused tech

Some days can be very trying.  Today was one of them, born of frustration.  I have tried to bite my tongue but not always successfully.  You see my problem is that I have been involved in a number of workshops about digital – whatever that means.  The thing is that technology can do anything as long as you have enough determination and perhaps enough money yet at the same time it can do nothing if nobody uses it.

A lot of people tell me that we need something to do this or that and I find myself saying but we have that already.  We have so much technology coming out of our ears yet much if it goes unused, or at least underused.

The issues of telephone conferencing came up but this is a system that we have had for several years and have published articles on the intranet many times on the subject.  We’ve talked about it and talked about it yet there are still people who are not aware of it.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some groups that use it all of the time but many that don’t.  I sent out another email that was perhaps a bit more sarcastic than it needed to be.

Then there was the opportunity to have online chat both inside the organisation and with our customers.  Again we already have Skype for Business.  Over eighty per cent of our users have this downloaded yet it was something people were crying out for.

And there was the need to be able to collaborate on documents.  It wasn’t me this time but one of the other people at the meeting said that we had SharePoint and that’s the tool they should be using.  We have had this tool since tabby was a kitten.

So what is going wrong?  What more do I need to do?  Why is it that I feel people are more than prepared to point out the things we don’t have without asking in the first place?  I’m sure many of us use similar systems at home.

It has been a very trying day.

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