Even a Guerrilla Worker

Poor Su.  I didn’t mean to burden her with my troubles but sometimes even a Guerrilla Worker needs a shoulder to cry on.  The thing is that I have felt a bit flat over the last few days.  I don’t know whether I have just run out of steam or a late night in the middle of the week (I was at an Andre Rieu concert and would thoroughly recommend it) is taking its toll but I need to refresh my batteries.  I think I’ll take next weekend off.

It’s too easy to let the pressure of the enormous change we are going through to get on top of us and from time to time we need to reflect on how far we have come and not just the mountain of stuff ahead of us.  This is what Su said to me and I know that she is right.  I am a bit concerned however how we will help the managers and leaders through the changes in our working practices.  Who will be there to catch them and put them back on their feet.

Normal service has been restored though as after meeting with Su I went and had a coffee with one of the managers in my team.  Mark has appeared in the in-house magazine, Steps, telling everyone about how more agile ways of working has helped him.  A star is born but it was about the work he has been doing with the 5% development time that I was most interested in.

We have given everyone in the service permission to spend a day a month on their own development as long as it is loosely related to work and Mark’s section have gone to town.  They have bought some books and created a lending library of useful material as well as registered for some online learning that they can do at their own pace.  One of the team even got to the stage of wanting to take the examination which of course has now been sorted.

It can be difficult to work out how, as busy people, we find the time to dedicate to self-development but where there is a will there is a way.  We are grown up people and can work it all out.  We just need the permission and the drive to get it done.

Thank you Su and Mark.

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