Unfolding plan 66 – the lone oddball

I must admit to suffering from the odd pang of… well I’m not sure what it is.  I’ve been working for a while now on trying to change the way that the people work.  It is over a year since I gave up my office, threw out my desk and became a nomadic worker.  I’ve never had any problem finding somewhere to work or anyone willing to work alongside and just recently I’ve noticed others picking up the banner.

It’s great.  It’s what I’ve been trying to achieve and in my opinion it is where the organisation needs to be but I’m getting this odd feeling.

I think the thing is that I like to be a little different, a bit off the wall, a bit left field perhaps.  I’ve liked being the Head of Service without an office, the one you’ll find working in amongst you trying new things and creating shared experiences.  If everyone else starts to work this way then I won’t be that guy anymore.  I won’t be the lone oddball.  I’ll become one among many.

I should be celebrating.  I should be really delighted with the way that things are going and I am.  It’s been my raison d’être as they say but I’m getting these odd feelings. They are a mixture of disappointment and guilt and I don’t know why I am suffering from them.

It could be that it’s time to move on to something new.  It could be that it is time to reinvent myself and become that other guy, you know, the one who is doing something different.

So what’s it going to be?  Well, I’ve picked up another book.  I should be on my banned list as it’s sort of management theory but my youngest had bought it and I picked it up from her.  It’s called ‘Stuffocation: Living More With Less’ and it’s by James Wallman.   Early on within the book I came across the sentence ‘The more innovative and connected a system is the more quickly an innovation will spread’.

This could be the opportunity that I’m looking for.  I want to be more innovative and  this could be the chance to reinvent myself.  I’m going to focus on connecting the system.  I’m going to be that guy who gets everyone together.  At least I’m going to try to be that guy.

What will this mean?  Well, I’ve only done about sixty percent of the getting to know you meetings with the tier four managers and so there’ll be more of these.  I’ve worked in many of the offices within County Hall but not all of them by a long chalk and so there’ll be more of that as well.

But what else can I do.  At this stage I don’t know but I may be able to do some work on identifying key relationships that exist and those which don’t but should.  I might be able to map the landscape to create an atlas of connectivity.  It’s something new to get my teeth into.

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