A year of work in progress – day 206

Day 206 – 1 December 2014

I was never going to make it to Meadowfield by half past eight, even if I left early, which I did. Getting though the road works and down to Durham would have been hard enough but to get across the city was a step too far. I had four presentations to do and the first was at Meadowfield. I put it back by a quarter of an hour to give myself a fighting chance but it meant that I was going to be chasing my tail all day. By the time I arrived there was a big crowd and everything I needed got lost in my bags. My usual patina of calmness was shattered.

I managed to get a pool car because from Meadowfield I had to make my way to Seaham then to County Hall before getting back to Meadowfield for the last presentation of the day at three o’clock. There was another big crowd but Lee and I had had time to compose ourselves. The presentation seemed to go down well, especially when I handed out the ICT quiz winners’ medals.

Back at County Hall I had a one to one with Steve and a quick catch up meeting with Su (and Anne) about the mobile phone and tablet comparison work that she was leading. By the time we were due to start Steve was still at Tanfield which wasn’t as planned so we had the meeting over the phone. It was not ideal, there is no substitute for face to face, but is to be expected when we have a distributed workforce. If we can’t use the technology then who can?

The work that Su and Anne have been doing looks great. It is going to give us some real insight into where we are with the phones as well as what other authorities are doing. She’s aiming to have something back by the end of the year

Lee and I finished off at County Hall with a presentation to the Business Support team predominantly, though one of our home workers came in specifically for the session.   We then made our way back to Meadowfield for the last presentation. It was all a bit déjà vu.

My last venue was County Hall again but this time for the Great Staff, Great Stuff awards evening. I think this is the third time that we have run such an event. Last year I couldn’t make it as I was stuck on a train in Manchester and so I made sure I didn’t go too far for this one. Digital Durham had been put forward for Team of the Year but I will not know if we have won anything until after I have posted the blog.

I can confirm however, that I did make it to the top table. We had a couple of sponsors who came along and I knew some of them, so was asked if I could be put on the VIP table to act as a (joint) host.  The Chair and Leader were also on the table. More tomorrow.

Learning points for today: Awards go down well; presentations are tiring even if it seems you are not doing that much; you can never win against the scran van and; don’t use your own car if you can get away with it.

Today’s enjoyment rating 8/10 – who knows, it could get better.

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