A year of work in progress – day 182

Day 182 – 24 October 2014

Coming in earlier makes little or no difference to the traffic around the Metro centre. I had an eight thirty start at County Hall and so left home just after seven. My sat-nav said that there was a half hour delay but I stopped at the usual spots and inched (centimetred?) my way through Team Valley as is now the norm. Next week is half term and so I may have some slight relief to look forward to.

I was in County Hall all day with back-to-back meetings in the morning and an accommodation presentation to the Tier 4 managers in the afternoon.

The eight thirty was about Building Schools for the Future. This used to be a subject that occupied an unnecessarily large amount of my time but which has gradually slipped down the order of priority, not because it is no longer important but more because the issues have been resolved. This meeting was put into my diary at short notice and so I had to shuffle my diary around and ask Tony to come up to County Hall. Pam did it really.

Tony has got all the papers together for next week’s Digital Durham board. Demand stimulation is having an effect on take up while phase two procurement is going well. It should be a good meeting and a chance to show off the trophy.

Lee and I agreed to cut short our planned one-to-one. We’re coming to the end of the consultation period for the restructure and he had a lot to get through. I said I would try and find a slot in my diary. He laughed at my suggestion. It meant I had a little time on my hands but there is always something to do.

After lunch I did my presentation. I followed the consultants who are working with us on the office accommodation programme (yes OAP), the idea being to describe some of my own experiences, what works, what doesn’t and how this fits in with the Organisational Development and ICT work stream.

I started with an anecdote about the ten things that I had set out to do this year. Be a more agile service was (and still) is number six. I talked about how we rely absolutely on our technology yet our skills are at a low level in many places. The accommodation review is going to be the catalyst to change this and I described the process we intend to go through. I also got in a cheap plug for my book ‘Guerrilla Working’ which I must try and publish someday. I had a few questions and the picture at the end got a laugh.

Learning points for today: I know almost as many people as Tony; I’m too proactive; your vote can make the difference; the combination of beef, horseradish and chocolate is not a marriage made in heaven and; no matter how many I do, I still get nervous before a presentation.

Today’s enjoyment rating 8/10 – end of the week feeling.

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