Unfolding plans 74 – I’ve been too quick to judge

I’ve gone back to ‘The Wisdom of the Enneagram’ by Don Richard Ruso and Russ Hudson.   Alright, it is a bit new-age for me.  It feels all crystals and colours and there is the problem that I have with classification of humans into types.  There are not nine types of people but I think I may have been too quick to judge. But that’s just typical of a personality type seven.  I’m an enthusiast, always looking for the next challenge, thrill or hit.  Today’s news is so last fortnight before the virtual ink has dried.

I’ve been persuaded to give it another go.  I’ve re-read the sections that relate to me and my ‘enthusiast’ personality type.  I’ve read them more slowly and more thoroughly this time which was a challenge for me anyway.

I’ve recognised a lot of me in what it says.  Not all of it is me, or seems like me but there is enough in there to make me sit back and take it all in.  I score fifty nine out of seventy five in the ‘Are you a type seven character?’ test and so it looks like I’m all in.

Some of the interesting things I have picked out include how I find it difficult to decide what to do with myself.  It is as if I still don’t know what I want to do or be when I grow up.  I tend to try everything because it’s new and want to keep my mind busy at all times.  I get temporarily dazzled and hypnotised by whatever is the current object occupying my curiosity and so get distracted by the possibilities of the next rather than being in the moment.

Apparently I have a fear of going hungry.  I certainly have a fear of being poor, whatever that means and so am caught in a constant conflict between moving on to the next thing and fear of losing any connection to what is left behind.  I don’t mind looking foolish and stirring the pot.

There are also some less good things that I recognise.  Obviously there weren’t that many I do get cranky when frustrated and feel bogged down by the slower pace that others may choose.  It is then that my worst trait comes out and that is the use of withering sarcasm.  Sometimes what I find funny just isn’t.

The book said that I can see the spiritual in the material world.  I’m not sure that many others would recognise me in this yet this is the person that I would like to be.

So what am I going to do with this new found insight?  I’m going to try to notice those things that make me impatient, my trigger points, and try to respond more appropriately.  I’ll try and slow down, focus more, plan better, live in the moment and not in the next meeting, give myself more time and do more by doing less.  I need to focus on what draws me and excites me rather than be the magpie attracted by shiny ideas.

Then I could truly be that quintessential Renaissance man.

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