Day twenty one of the ‘Blogging from A-Z Challenge’.  I’m now at number 918 in the list of challenge entrants and we’re at the business end of the month.  The last six letters of the alphabet are the hardest.  Words beginning with U to Z noticeably thin out in the dictionary.  Today though I’m going to think about all of the things that I have been unable to do.

To be honest there aren’t that many.  I haven’t been able to touch my left elbow with my left hand but then I couldn’t do that anyway.  I have however found out that it is possible to wash your respective underarms and spray deodorant with the same hand.  It just needs a bit of practice and that’s the way of most things.  The key is to start slowly as any novice would and build up speed as proficiency grows.  Being unable to do something first time has not dampened my enthusiasm.

I have found that as the month has gone on some of the things I struggled with at the start have become quite easy.  Tying my laces is a good example.  I’ve found that I am better at tying the weaker form of the knot with my right hand yet better at tying the stronger form of the knot with my left.  The blog piece ‘Laces’ gives you the detail in case you have forgotten.

Tying my tie however is something that I continue to struggle with but not because I can’t do it the wrong way round but rather because I can’t remember which hand I’m supposed to be using.  I stand in front of the mirror and rack my brains to remember should the fat bit go on the right or the left of my neck and should it go over the thin bit this way or that.  Rather than become proficient in tying my tie with both hands I have become completely incompetent with either.

I can brush my teeth and spread butter quite well.  I can cut with a sharp knife though scissors are still an issue.  We know though that this is more of design flaw than my innate inability.

My obsession or experimentation has extended to my legs.  I’ve begun to notice that I tend to put my right leg into my trousers first and my right arm into my shirts and jackets first.  I’ve now managed to swap around with no ill effects and either way feels equally as comfortable.  No one yet has stopped me and asked why I have started with one limb and then changed to another.  Either they haven’t noticed or I have been very discreet.  Many people go through life harbouring deep dark secrets and so hiding my foray into left-handedness is minor in comparison.

Unable is not a word I would use.  Unskilled or unsure are perhaps better descriptions of where I am and I imagine that is how I started with my right hand all that time ago.  There is only one thing that I have really struggled with and that will be my W.  It all leads nicely into tomorrow’s blog.

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