Day twenty of the ‘Blogging from A-Z Challenge’.  If there is one area within the house that was going to cause me problems it has to be the bathroom.  My whole toilet has been a left-handed learning curve. Let’s start with the obvious.  I’m not cack-handed.  I’ve tried but never will be.  I’ll keep trying and let’s just leave it at that.

Even washing your hands is a handed experience.  I hadn’t realised until I thought about it that I always started every wash with my right hand on top of my left.  Every scoop of water was with my right hand and every splash of my face started the same way.  Of the many things that were challenging however, the two most difficult were cleaning my teeth and shaving.

My wife bought me an electric shaver for Christmas and that has made the whole affair a lot easier than with a wet shave.  Rubbing the shaver across my cheeks hasn’t presented much of an issue but it did not feel as easy as with my right.  A wet shave though was a different kettle of fish.  Lathering up, leading with my left was a little awkward but easy in comparison to holding a blade in a not so steady hand and inching to forward to my hirsute skin.

I approached my face slower than the shuttle approaching the International Space Station.  My hand had no finesse and I found the only way to make progress was to lay the blade flat against the surface, stop for a few seconds before slowly dragging it through the stubble.  Fear gripped me throughout the affair and in the end my face was striped like a well cut football pitch.  There were lines of clean shave between definite lines of facial hair.  Cutting under the chin had me (literally) on a knife edge and it is something I won’t be in a hurry to repeat.

Admittedly it was a disposable razor and so the likelihood of causing severe damage was minimised yet I did manage to cut myself on a couple of occasions, once on the nose.  I doubt I would have risked a cut throat.

Brushing my teeth was as equally difficult, if not as risky a process.  I have been careful to think about which hand I put the toothpaste onto the brush with though I seem to be equally adept with both yet when it comes to bringing the brush backwards and forwards across my teeth the left hand struggles.  When I started I just couldn’t get any rhythm going.  Up and down wasn’t so bad with my incisors but side to side was not so.  For some reason brushing the right side of my mouth is easier than the left and applying pressure to the crowns of the teeth is still a struggle.  There are significant parts of my buccal cavity that remain unhygienic.

I am succeeding after a fashion however by doing one thing and that is slowing down.  Most of my difficulties lie in trying to do things either to quickly or in an automated fashion.  I am a novice and learning to do many things as if it is the first time I have come across them.

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