Day twenty two of the ‘Blogging from A-Z Challenge’.  Could it be viable if I had to use only my left hand?  Quite often I have found, while trying to avoid using my right hand, I have left it hanging limply by my side like a hunk of meat.  Being handed does not mean that you never use the other, far from it, but that is how I have got through my experiment at times.

What a stupid expression is ‘I’d give my right arm to’.  I’d give my right arm to play the piano.  I’d give my right arm to be left-handed.  I wonder though what life would be like for me if I had to make do.  Would it be a viable option?

In yesterday’s piece I have already covered that there is very little that I can’t do, if anything, using or rather leading with my left-hand.  There are many things though I am not proficient or skilled in but this would only be a question of time.  Life is not that simple and I learnt early on in the month that many of the things I do require both hands to work in coordination.  For example something simple such as cupping water to splash on my face would have started with me placing my upturned right-hand over the left and holding them under the tap.  I now place my left-hand on top of my right.  It still feels odd and a lot of water ends up on the floor but it is certainly doable.  With only one hand this would not be the case.

Of course there are many people who have to live with one hand and it is crass (but hopefully not too insensitive) to suggest that it would not be possible to adjust.  I do not doubt that it would be a struggle irrespective of which hand was no longer at my disposal.  On first thoughts I would have said that it would be easier to lose my left than my right yet my experiences have now shown that this may not be the case.

The way I tie my shoelaces requires two hands.  I may brush my teeth with my left hand but I put the toothpaste on with my right.  I put my left arm into my jacket yet hold the rest in my right-hand while I do so.  Choosing to use a different hand and not having the use of that hand are completely different things.  Being handed is not the same as being monodextrous (made up word).  No longer would this be a simple case of mirroring what I do.  Instead it would require a complete redesign of the way that I function.  Even the simplest of tasks would present me with a potentially complex resolution.

So far I haven’t tried not to use my right-hand for long periods of time.  It would be too obvious and people would start to question what I was up to.  This isn’t the challenge I set myself but it has been a useful insight in human perception and my own assumptions.

I’m getting close to the end.

5 thoughts on “Viable

  1. The End Is Near! The end of A to Z that is. Maybe the world too.

    Stephen Tremp
    A to Z Co-host
    V is for Vortex (the paranormal kind)

    1. Who knows? Sure there’s time for a few more blogs before the apocalypse. I did the challenge last year and tried to pick an off the wall subject this time. It’s been fun thanks.

  2. What a weird and interesting A-to-Z theme! I’m sorry I didn’t discover you til now, but I’ll be sure to catch up.
    I’ve been having some tendonitis issues in my left (non-dominant) hand lately, and it IS amazing how much I use it, which I never noticed until I tried to STOP using it. Funny the things we take for granted.

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