A year of work in progress – day 202

Day 202 – 25 November 2014

Beware the quiet day. It is never going to last. It’s like the elastic band theory where every piece of good luck stretches it and stretches it until it eventually snaps and the busy / quiet balance is restored. Sure enough today was full on with six meetings one after the other.

My first was a one to one with my boss. We’d met yesterday afternoon and touched briefly on many of the subjects that we were to cover. I knew that we were to meet soon but I hadn’t realised, at the time, that it was this morning.

My second was with Keith to give me an update on the social care e-marketplace. It turns out that I was up to date anyway so it was a short meeting.

The third was the ICT Customer Services Group. This was our first meeting since Customer Service Week and the Awareness Day. We had a few lessons to learn. The events were well advertised, well organised, made us look professional and showed that our own technology is not us holding us back.

On the down side though, the Durham room is not the best of locations, it is too open and too much of a thoroughfare for people to stop and chat. We had too many ICT people there and for County Hall the event was in the wrong format. Not enough customers turned up. We agreed to develop a rolling calendar to cover events, newsletters and the like and to think about a MOT day at Green Lane. This time I think we’ll focus on getting the managers on board first.

Over lunch we had EMT. I had a few people to talk to which is useful though I could have done with a chat with Kim and she wasn’t there.

The fifth meeting was with the Primary Heads group. I wanted to continue the theme I raised at the conference about getting more young people, especially girls into the ICT industry. Nothing runs these days without ICT and dependency on technology is only going to grow. ICT not only helps people to do their jobs and live their lives but also offers some very exciting careers. ICT is not just a technical opportunity. The North East tech sector is vibrant and is set to grow significantly and we need to make sure that we use all of our talent. Women form only twenty per cent of the ICT workforce and are mostly in lower-level operator and clerical roles. Only fifteen per cent of ICT managers and eleven per cent of strategy and planning professionals are women. We all have a role in influencing young people to take up the opportunity. As I have already said, we are all parents, children, siblings, friends, influencers, teachers, employers and colleagues. The question is how?

The final meeting was a staff engagement event around the North East Combined Authority.

Learning points for today: It seems to be very hard to tell people; culture is just a collection of individuals; people read stories when they know someone in the photo; wellbeing is a philosophical shift not just a commission;

Today’s enjoyment rating 8/10 – some things to shake my head at.

2 thoughts on “A year of work in progress – day 202

  1. Hi Phil, to see women doing wonders in ICT at PM level and above you may like to visit Bangalore. I am also working on a project related to IT though its not my field on farmers of Malawi for cashless money transfer.

    1. Thanks, it seems to be a cultural thing here. People are turned off from very good jobs as they are seen to be too male orientated. Our school kids say the ICT teaching at school is boring.

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