A year of work in progress – day 130

Day 130 – 24 July 2014

Last night’s Dynamo board was interesting. As always it was a packed agenda and attendance was good. We covered four main topics: skills, membership, events and the formal company structure. Bob from Accenture has made huge progress in driving the skills work stream forward especially around the creation of a University Technical College. It’s all very exciting stuff that’s going to make a huge difference to the North East and it seems that the market is crying out for something to get behind.

We also tried to decide on the organisational structure required which was interesting as the board is made up of people representing both themselves and the companies that they work for and so that leads to some interesting risk and liability issues. A community interest company looks like the best bet.

This morning I met up with Justin, who provides the glue that holds Dynamo together to talk about progress we are making and the way forward in particular with agreeing our aims and objectives. My own view is that there is an order in which to do things: agree what it is we are here for; agree a structure that allows us to achieve this; agree what outcomes we want to see and; agree who is going to do what. We agreed that I would meet up with Anthony, another board member to try and get together a draft document setting out our aims. It’s easy to think things are taking time but we’re making real progress.

For the rest of the day I focussed my attention on drafting the business case for the work we are doing with Northumberland. Not knowing really where to start I stitched together a document that I borrowed from another project and so had to be careful to remove any reference to the prior parties involved.

Writing documents is not my forte but it is something that I need to persevere with. I have a system. I have go at the initial document by setting up the chapters and sub headings (the ribs) and then start to paste in the content as I come across it (the flesh). As I go along and something comes into my mind that is relevant to another section I add a comment (I’m working in Word). If I get bored or run out of steam I switch to another section and once I have passed through from start to finish I go back to the comments and add the detail.

So far I have headings covering an executive summary; some background; our requirements; an options appraisal; the proposed governance arrangements; cost benefit analysis and; the next steps. I’ve managed thirty pages and twenty one comments. It’s starting to take shape but I’ve still got a lot to do. At least it’s a start.

Learning points for today: You can work in shorts; the greatest victory is that which requires no battle and; plagiarism is the finest form of flattery and is much easier than starting from scratch.

Today’s enjoyment rating 8/10 – would have liked to have got further along with the business case.

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