Smart cities

I know smart cities have been around for a long time. They may be considered a bit passé even yet things are different up here in Durham. Yes, Durham is a city but a very small one in comparison. The population accounts for less than ten per cent of the people who live in the … Continue reading Smart cities

Beta testing

How can we help local budding software firms with the new products they are trying to get off the ground?  This is one of those questions along the lines of how can I use the resources within the service that I look after to help the local economy?  In a legal way that is.  We … Continue reading Beta testing

The brain trainer

I needed to speak to my brother about getting together for a night out.  We live some way apart and so such things take a bit of arranging.  He asked me not to ring him until after nine as he was watching Only Connect.  It’s not a game show that I have ever got into … Continue reading The brain trainer

A summer sermon

I’m not a religious man though I am at peace with myself.  When I am out and about, however and visiting towns and villages I do like to pop into the local church.  There are a couple of reasons why.  The first is that there is always a lot of history that you can find … Continue reading A summer sermon

The social office

When Steve and I were down in Leeds the other day, you may remember we made the trip to Data Mill North, we had the pleasure in visiting a company called Hebe Works.  It is difficult to describe exactly what work they do, as it covers a wide range of items mainly in the graphics, … Continue reading The social office

A smaller amount of emails

I’ve come back from my summer holidays to a smaller amount of emails than I would have expected. You’ll note how I have cleverly avoided the issue of should it have been fewer emails or less emails. I always get myself in a knot with this one as do so many other people. Steve comes … Continue reading A smaller amount of emails

Being a director

How many of us are doing things which we never really set out to do?  I always hope that I will wake up one day and know what it is that I want to be when I grow up.  In the meantime, I’m just going to take the opportunities that come my way and that … Continue reading Being a director

A successful implementation

It’s a long time back now since I helped North Tyneside Council move into their new offices at Cobalt.  It must be at least ten years yet I remember it well.  Our job was to make sure that the technology worked and that people were able to carry on as normal having moved from their … Continue reading A successful implementation

Data Mill North

Today, a bunch of us went down to visit Leeds Data Mill.  By the time we got there it had been rebranded to Data Mill North.  The name offered a wider catchment area and allowed for a broader political scope yet this is not germane to the story. Data, both open and big has been … Continue reading Data Mill North

A boom and bust kitchen

We’ve had the benches replaced in our kitchen.  The old ones were looking a little tired and didn’t quite fit in with a more modern colour scheme.  Bench tops are a first world problem. It doesn’t sound like a big job yet we ended up having to move a fair bit of stuff.  It wasn’t … Continue reading A boom and bust kitchen