A summer sermon

I’m not a religious man though I am at peace with myself.  When I am out and about, however and visiting towns and villages I do like to pop into the local church.  There are a couple of reasons why.  The first is that there is always a lot of history that you can find there.  They give you a good impression of the place.  The second is that they are places of quiet and tranquillity.

Indeed, we often here about people who go to church for some peace and quiet contemplation.  It is nice to be able to clear your head without the distractions of modern life.  You can meditate and get some head space.  Quiet is a prerequisite for clarity of thought.

So here we are in the summer.  For once the sun is out and the mercury has risen to uncomfortable (for a northerner) and everyone I speak to says that things are quiet.  A lot of people are on holiday, the schools are off yet the difference between being fully occupied and not is quite small.

We convince ourselves that we are normally very busy.  Too busy.  We fill our lives with things that need to get done in order to avoid the very thing that needs to be done.  We convince ourselves that we don’t have time to think because we are just too occupied.

Summer is the perfect antidote.  Things are quiet, the very thing we crave yet we’re not sure what we should do with the freedom.  The answer is obvious, get ourselves out for a bit of quiet reflection.  Find somewhere peaceful away from the daily distractions that happen in the office.

Get yourself outdoors, in the park or down to the beach and think about the things that your business really needs for its future.  It needs your quiet contemplation.


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