A successful implementation

It’s a long time back now since I helped North Tyneside Council move into their new offices at Cobalt.  It must be at least ten years yet I remember it well.  Our job was to make sure that the technology worked and that people were able to carry on as normal having moved from their old location to the shiny new one. There was a lot that could have gone wrong but in the main it all went very smoothly.

People would pack their belongings up in the afternoon and they would be shipped to their new location in time for the next morning.  While they attended some induction training, my team got everything ready so when they arrived at their new desks everything was working as it should.

Those were the days when everyone still had a desk.

On the Monday morning after the big move, the first real working day at Cobalt, I got in early in case there was a rush.  All was quiet and about half past eight, Susan, one of the managers I was working with, came across to speak to me and tell me that she was bored.  Nothing was happening.  Everything was working.  ‘What shall we do now?’ she asked.

I have had similar feelings this week with the launch of our new Customer Relationship Software.  Whilst I have not been involved in any way as much as I was with the move at North Tyneside, I know that the team has put in an enormous amount of effort to get us to where we needed to be to cut over form old to new.  CRM is a heart and lungs system.  It will affect almost everything that we do and the team has been working intensively to iron out the inevitable bugs and process changes.

On the morning of go live day it was all very quiet.  Sure, there were things that weren’t working and there were people who found it difficult to adopt to the new processes but there was no mayhem.  The business was flowing through the new system.  Our customers were doing things online.  We could see channel shift as it happens.

Ok, this is just the start.  There is a long way to go with our new CRM.  Go live day was just the thin end of a very big wedge but it was an excellent start.

Sometimes it is great when nothing happens.

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