Unfolding plans 112 – a strange feeling

What a strange feeling.  I’d needed some time to get my head round some things and found a quiet space in which to do it.  Paul’s office was free and so I made my camp there for the day.  I’m one for open plan working as you know.  I am a Guerrilla Worker but there are times, even for me when a room by yourself is the best place to get something done.  I have always said that there is a need for a quiet space where there is little interruption and this needs to be built into our new ways of working plans.  It just shouldn’t be the norm.

I say little interruption but Paul’s office is not that far away from the seat of power to get the odd knock on the door and it has a lovely wide window overlooking the duck pond out front.  It can be an awful distraction watching the people come and go as they make their way in and out of County Hall. His desk is arranged with the window to the right and any movement can catch your eye.

I’ve been in here all day apart from an hour long meeting and the inevitable trips for refreshments.  I must admit that I have felt guilty though.  This is so not me anymore.  I did do some Guerrilla Working in HR for a couple of hours last week and spent yesterday morning among my colleagues in Business Support and so I guess these things balance out.

What was strange though was that I was sitting there thinking and typing, thinking and typing when there was a knock on the door and in came my boss.  It just wasn’t right.  I go to his office.  He doesn’t come to mine.  How can he, I don’t have one?  He came in and sat down in front of the desk.  It was clearly something he has done many times with Paul but not with me. It was natural for him but very strange for me.  I’d forgotten what it was like and it made me realise how far my own normal had travelled from where I used to be.

OK, let’s not get too carried away.  It was not an earth shattering event but it did feel very strange.  I just didn’t feel right but this may be the way that people feel when the boot is on the other foot.  Maybe strange is how people feel about working in a more agile way.

The irony though was that he came in to talk about the new ways of working that we are developing (new for us that is rather than new to the world).  We’ve got a lot going on and changing the organisation’s approach to work is going to be a big job.  We’re making progress though.

He also spoke to me about what is going on in Audit.  They’ve really risen to the challenge and the team has adopted a much more modern and agile way of working.  Paul (another Paul) has left his office and it is being used as a meeting room.  He’s done a me.

I wonder if he is feeling strange.

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