Unfolding plans 100 – a score card

We’re into July now and so should be about half way through the working year.  Perhaps it’s time for an update on progress, a health check or a score card marked against the eight things that I was going to try and achieve this year.  In case you have forgotten they were (are): Women in ICT; Truly flexible; Merger with another authority; Bureaucracy attack using digital; Quality; 6 things I’ve never done before; Apprentice bureau; Self-organized learning.

Oh dear.  It looks like I’ve forgotten what they were as well as I haven’t made anywhere near the progress that I’d hoped.  The only two that are motoring along in any sense of the word are the Women in ICT and Apprentices.  These are going well.  As for the rest, I’ve given up on the merger possibility, for now, and Quality is still in the dressing room.  The others are at very early stages of development.

I’ve had to check back to remind myself about the things I’ve never done before.  I started with mentoring which went very well indeed and is something that we are hoping to continue with.  I hosted my first round table discussion and since then have hosted a panel session at Dynamo15.  I claimed to have become involved in town planning, which remains rather flimsy and I’ve rearranged the meeting structures to include a commercial focus.  I’m going to add to this the fact that I’ve published my book and that I’d met Steph McGovern, a genuine TV personality.  I think this one is in the bag.

So what about the others?  That only leaves three.  Becoming truly flexible is perhaps a bit vague.  It is not exactly a SMART objective.  I continue to lead the quasi-maverick life when at work and am working hard to get this embedded in the way that the service operates.  Changing culture though takes time.  I would say that we are flexible, perhaps very, yet truly is a difficult measure to gauge.

Reducing bureaucracy using digital technologies is something that I should have done more with.  I’m a bit ashamed by this one.  I am not eating the pudding.  I’ve been banging on about a couple of paper based processes that have really annoyed me and, having spoken to someone about getting it sorted, have left it at that.  I promised to provide some description of what I wanted but have never got around to detailing the requirement.

But the one I’m going to hang my head over is self-organized learning.  Bob and I met with the folks from Newcastle University months ago and a response has been sitting in my inbox since the end of April with some suggested ways forward.  I have replied to say that we would come back but since then time seems to have slipped like sand through my fingers.  But that is just an excuse. I need to get on with it and I hope it can be resuscitated before the end of the term, otherwise it may lie there until the autumn.  That’s what happens when you take your eye off the ball.

Looking back then things are not as bad as I’d first thought.  Some are alive and well, while others are terminal.  The others are pots that just need a good stir.

Could do better.

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