Unfolding plans 97 – chugging tugboats

This Guerrilla Working thing is catching on, at least in part.  I find I can work more or less anywhere, with or without a wireless network.  If I’m offline then I can catch up with all of the things that have been synchronised with my laptop, such as mail.  I can do reports and presentations as well as long as I remember to file then to the remote drive when I next log onto the network.  If I’m desperate I can even tether the laptop to my phone and use the 3G signal to connect.  It’s a little slow and no doubt a little expensive but when needs must and the mobile connection is adequate then it does well.

Of course when I get connected through the wireless I can do anything that I would like apart from sit in front of the people who are somewhere else.  Don’t get me wrong, there is no substitute for face to face contact but you don’t always have to be in front of someone to communicate.

So I had an interesting day.  I started off with a visit to the largest single site oven-ready data centre in the world, at least that’s what the Managing Director told me.  It is positioned in the middle of the biggest business park in the United Kingdom and is right here in the North East.  Apparently it’s also ninety percent full and so business is booming.  What a fantastic story this is and another light hidden under a bushel.  We have so many good stories to tell and really need to get them out there.

Anyway, from there I needed to go and prepare for the next round of presentations.  Remember I said that I needed to put more effort into them and I’m sticking to the plan.  I used to start with the pictures and get the words to follow but this time I have started with my favourite question.  ‘What is the story that I am trying to tell?’

This led me to think of the story, the narrative before the images which in itself was quite a revelation.  I was due to be in Gateshead later on that afternoon and that meant driving all the way down to Durham and then back again.  So I sweet hearted Graham who managed to get me a desk in their civic centre where I planned to work.

But I didn’t need a connection to write the story, so rather than driving in my car, parking up, settling down at a desk and getting  on with it I drove down to the banks of the river, got out my laptop and knocked off just under three thousand words.  Some were new (in context not actual words) and some were recycled from previous presentations.  That would see me right for about twenty minutes of speaking.  I’ll keep the subject for another time.

Working at Gateshead was great when I eventually got there.  The connection worked beautifully and the secure tunnel kept me nice and safe.  It can’t compare however, to the view over the Tyne, the breeze in my hair and the chugging of the tugboats going up and down.  That really got my creative juices going.

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