Unfolding plans 96 – Phil Jackman Author

I am an author.  I am a writer.  I have written a book and it has been published.  I doubt it is the best book ever to have been written and I don’t expect it to be in the best sellers list but that is not the point.  It is published and a small number of people have bought it.

Of course I would like more people to have bought it.  A part of me would like to be recognised as a great writer and a profound thinker.  That is never going to happen, I am no Turgenev or Dickens but these are early days and I haven’t got much weight behind its marketing.  I think the book has something to say.  Like the curate’s egg it is good in parts and there are bits that are as good as other stuff I have read yet I did not write it to be read but rather to get it out of me.

They say that everyone has a book inside them but I don’t anymore.  I have given birth.  It is out of me, published, printed and read.  I have turned from being a wishful thinker to an author.  I’m still a dreamer though and have started to think about my next progeny.

The book is called ‘Guerrilla Working’ and is about making the most of your talent by breaking the link between where you work and what you do.  I suppose it fits into the genre of business self-help.  It may not be your cup of tea but the idea had been mashing inside me for some time.  It took me about six months to write and another eighteen or so to publish.  I don’t know why it took so long because in the end it was a simple process.  Having considered all of my options I self-published.

It was all done online with no apparent human intervention at all.  I used the tool from a well-known online book seller that allowed me to upload what I thought was the finished book into a template.  The application suggested a size and a format that was suitable.  It allowed me to choose a cover and a layout that I liked along with all the words I needed for the frontispiece and the acknowledgements.  It even allocated me an ISBN number and all the codes I needed to be able to sell my oeuvre.  It gave me everything I had to know including the price I should sell it for and the amount of commission I would get, assuming I sold any.

I then pressed accept and the file was whisked away to print off a proof copy which duly arrived a couple of weeks later.  It was then that I realised that my finished work was far from ready.  It was riddled with spelling mistakes, syntax and grammatical errors.  I worked through it several times and found over one hundred and thirty corrections to make.  There are probably some still out there but I’m pretending they were deliberate.  I corrected what I could, uploaded the final version and pressed go.

So there you have it.  The hard part was writing the book.  The easy part was publishing.  I am an author.

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