A year of work in progress – day 193

Day 193 – 10 November 2014

A whole day dedicated to a single issue.  Mentoring.  The senior project leads had asked for the opportunity to be mentored as part of their development and the SLT felt it would be a great idea.  But before we could start we had to learn what it meant to be a mentor.

Some of the group had done this stuff before but I wasn’t one of them. We asked Dawn to help us out, to help us learn. Neil joined us from Northumberland as well. The session was at Tanfield Business Centre. We’ve been using this a lot lately and it is odd how places come in and out of vogue. I used to associate the building with memories of a customer we had (and should not have had) yet that was some time ago. I’m slowly getting over it.

For personal reasons I arrived late to find the session in full swing. The team had decided the offer we were going to make to the rest of the group on Wednesday. Each of us had written a small biography. I thought we’d said around three hundred words but some of us waxed lyrical.

To help us along Dawn produced some Strength Cards, twenty four postcard sized check sheets with a virtue on the front and a description of strengths and skills that support this on the back. They were a bit like a Community Chest card from Monopoly. Our job was to pick three to five ‘strengths’ that we thought represented us. Each of us then chose a card that most represented the team members and another as a ‘gift’ that we would like to give them.

I chose my strengths as curiosity, humour and creativity. Apparently I was wrong. Vitality, social intelligence (really?) and team work are more of my thing.

I need to add some things about what I do outside of work in my bio. I might have to make some things up.

After we came back from lunch we had a look at our basic helping style. There are four but we came to the conclusion that we move in and out of them depending upon the subject. There was no basic style. The fun started when we got around to talking about our learning styles. Dawn gave us some questions and we fell into the trap of arguing about what they meant. Our answers told us whether we had a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic style. I came out strongly with a K but think I may actually be a V. I think I see nearly everything visually.

As an aside, I haven’t spoken about the books I’ve been reading for some time. I’ve finished Donna Tartt ‘The secret history’, a birthday present and Philip Dick ‘The man in the high castle’ which I borrowed from my youngest daughter. We have similar tastes in books. I would recommend them both.

Learning points for today: The palm trees go before the donkey; each of us has much more hidden inside us then we have had a chance to explore; Bob is very well balanced; I need help with my learning style and everything arrives on the back of its own logic.

Today’s enjoyment rating 7/10 – good but other things go on.

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