A year of work in progress – day 188

Day 188 – 3 November 2014

I took the tunnel. I’d promised to be in by eight thirty and with the schools going back I didn’t want to risk the drive through Team Valley. It was just as bad. I think everyone else had the same idea and so I was late getting in. Fortunately Bob was very understanding and we whipped through his one-to-one.

The problem with being late for your first appointment though is that it throws everything else out. My second meeting with the Highway Services ICT Development Project Board went well enough though and I was able to get out early. Progress is looking good and we agreed some pragmatic amendments to the procurement exercise that is underway.

Neil’s one-to-one was up next. There were a few things I wanted to catch up on but we spent most of our time thinking about the future. It’s that time of the year. We came to the conclusion that we could do with a couple of days out in January to set out our stall. Trying to find a day in January without any meetings was difficult but finding two together was not possible. I shuffled some stuff about to make it happen. That’s something to look forward to.

Up until lunch we had a meeting with Charlotte. Graham had been approached by the Danish Embassy through SOCITM to see if we would be interested in talking about the way we manage our Council meeting papers. It was an interesting adjunct to the meeting I had with Ros on Friday. We talked through the process we went through, what worked, what didn’t and what is perhaps holding us back in adopting a more widespread approach to electronic documentation.

Keith is the Strategic Manager Performance and Information Manager within Children’s and Adults Services. It seemed odd to approach him as one of my tier 4 meetings as I have known him ever since I arrived here but I didn’t want to be complacent and take him for granted. Our chat was worthwhile though as his remit is far wider than I was aware of.

Not only does he help us plan the ICT work going forward but he also leads on performance for the service grouping including making sure all of the national statistical returns are completed. This is quite a task especially the child based statistical returns which requires access to multiple data bases.

His team do the information governance stuff such as Data Protection, Freedom of Information and data confidentially. They also help their services in how they might want to work in future. I went away with a greater understanding.

Last thing, Steve and I had another Big Data get together. It was number six of ten.

Learning points for today: There is no way you can avoid the traffic; I watch too much Nordic Noir; Dutch is a funny language even for the Danes; Dr Who is an international language; we need a coalition of the willing and; a tiger team is a group of experts assigned to investigate and/or solve technical or systemic problems.

Today’s enjoyment rating 8/10 – too much standing still in traffic.

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