A year of work in progress – day 186

Day 186 – 30 October 2014

Apart from one meeting, I had set today aside to write some reports and documents. The meeting was with Justin about Dynamo and some work that needs to be done to move the group forward. I discovered that he has a similar penchant for hats as I do. I could have had that as a learning point.

The things I wanted to write were to cover self-organising work environments, the women into ICT event, aims and objectives of Dynamo (three separate documents), an upgrade to the strategy and the creation of an apprentice hub.

The first was easy enough. I had promised James from Newcastle University that I would put something down for him on (virtual) paper describing what I wanted to do and what Durham’s ICT Services is like. I have been interested in using self-organising learning systems to challenge our traditional approach to work ever since reading De Bono’s ‘I am right, you are wrong’. Using such techniques I believe would allow those who deal with issues on a day to day basis to draw on their collective experience to resolve problems and develop opportunities, allow leaders and managers to set direction in line with customer and organisational needs and remove the need for traditional organisational structure and hierarchies.

I’m hoping to arrange a further meeting with James and perhaps even Sugata.

The second was straight forward as well. I work in a male dominated industry. Women form only twenty per cent of the UK ICT workforce and are more prevalent in lower-level operator and clerical roles. Only fifteen per cent of ICT managers and eleven per cent of ICT strategy and planning professionals are female. We want to put on an event focussed on those people who influence young people (pre-year nine) in deciding their future career options. The regional ICT industry needs to be as diverse as the society in which it functions. This will ensure that all talents are available for future growth.

The event will be in the spring.

The rest were not so easy. I got stuck on the third one but at least I got past half way as I managed two of the three pieces. In my opinion Dynamo has made a fantastic start but needs to garner additional support and build a consensus within the region across all its stakeholders and interested parties about the importance of the future ICT industry. Anthony and I had written a short ‘Aims and Objectives’ paper and I drafted a covering document explaining the need for the board. Once agreed I’m going to use this as the basis of a report to take through the council.

It was this last bit that I got stuck on.

I gave it a rest and turned to the apprentice hub. Bob and Graham are also working on this and there is an event planned for next week which unfortunately I cannot go to. I managed to write a report to go to Resources Management Team to generate some interest.

The strategy is coming along nicely.

Learning points for today: When writing anything it is the first sentence that is most important; responding to email is such a temptation and; building a collaborative environment in a competitive world is a challenge.

Today’s enjoyment rating 8/10 – I prefer the interaction.

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