A year of work in progress – day 160

Day 160 – 19 September 2014

Dawn breaks on another day in history. It looks like Scotland has decided to stay after all though a significant number of the populace said yes to separation. Was it a genuine desire to see a split or just brinkmanship? Is the nation state an outmoded concept in an ever increasingly interwoven world anyway? Who knows but no doubt the airwaves will be filled for weeks to come.

The usual claptrap is being said. Scotland has spoken and has said no. It’s simply not true. Eighty four percent of the people of the country have spoken as individuals and more have said no than yes. Perhaps this is the important lesson for us all. Such a binary question hides a wide gamut of choice and options and that in any issue some will be supportive and some will not. Consensus and collaboration must prevail over disagreement and divisiveness.

The subject came up so many times today. Surely there is an opportunity here for the North East.

I’m off next week and there is always so much to do. I don’t know why as it will still be there when you come back. The sky will not fall in. We know that yet we still harass ourselves into a near death experience in order to be able to relax. Mails need to be sent but with each one two come back. Meetings need to be arranged and phone calls need to be made.

I started the day with a trip to see Tony at Digital Durham’s world headquarters. By the time I come back we will have passed our one hundredth cabinet which is well over twenty percent of what we need to do in phase one. Hopefully phase two will add more properties but we won’t know until the response to the Invitation to Tender comes back in November. We had a nice letter from Chris, the Chief Executive of BDUK, thanking us for the visit earlier in the month. I used it (cheekily) as an opportunity to ask him for some help with mobile which is another issue.

Back at County Hall I had a meeting with a supplier that I had never met with before (see learning points). It’s strange how you think of an organisation based upon your own interaction with them. To me they are a product company yet, surprise surprise, they had so much more to offer. We talked about ICT in the regional economy, some of the generational issues we need to address and the role of University Technical Colleges. We parted with some things to think about.

After that I had a one-to-one with Lee and still ended up rushing to finish off before I left.

Learning points for today: It is never as straight forward as yes or no; Samsung makes up a third of the gross domestic product of South Korea; sustainability is key to broadband delivery and; it’s easy to promise jam tomorrow.

Today’s enjoyment rating 8/10 –got most things sorted and what I didn’t will still be here.

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