A year of work in progress – day 133

Day 133 – 30 July 2014

Back at work and back in the room for improvement. I’m using this room less and less frequently indeed I’m using County Hall less and less often as the majority of the team are no longer here. The last time I used 5/109 was on the 15 July. Checking its calendar mind you shows me that it is being used as a general meeting room on most days. Someone has nicked the fan and I have my suspicions.

It was management Wednesday again with only two meetings, Senior Leadership Team in the morning and Resources Management Team in the afternoon. Before we started Pam brought me in some stuff to sign. Some wag from Procurement had sent me a pen in an internal envelope. I saw the funny side, signed the papers and sent it back to them. Don’t worry I’ll have the last laugh.

We got started with a few stories. I brought up the great progress we have made on our call management since the Project Lead meeting last week. The total number of calls outstanding is in the seven hundreds which is (previously) unchartered territory while the number of incidents has dropped to the equivalent of a day and a half’s demand. Perhaps we are setting a new paradigm. We also talked about progress with Northumberland.

Something was up as we got into decision making mode early on and the SLT was a good meeting if not a little hard work. I don’t think it had anything to do with the fact that Lee was on holiday but his brand of humour and cynicism was a miss. We finally got round to making a decision on where we are going with on-line chat which is one of the essential, (IMHO) pieces of the accommodation requirements jigsaw. We did, however, open that old can of worms over whether we agreed something or not, it was over a piece of technology, and so there is still some work to do.

I only had one report to go to RMT which was about the approach to charging for broadband across our estate. We’ve been following a smoothed model where the larger sites subsidise the smaller ones but this has left us exposed in some areas to market pressures. Our proposal was to approach this in a more lumpy way and the report was really for information only. It led to an interesting discussion though.

Somehow we have managed to get a substantial assurance opinion for one of our audits which was a first for us as far as I know.

Our finance colleagues, with a little help from us, had a successful upgrade of our financial system over the weekend.

Learning points for today: You can get errant apostrophes; we’re still having issues with our air handling systems; we’ve inbuilt cynicism resilience and; ICT people will press any button.

Today’s enjoyment rating 8/10 – a lot of enjoyment but management Wednesday’s always take it out of me.

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