A year of work in progress – day 121

Day 121 – 11 July 2014

According to the Institute of Customer Service, the ICS ServCheck is an online diagnostic tool that informs how well an organisation is implementing those elements that are prerequisites of delivering a world-class service. I filled mine in this morning and this will be the third time that we have run this tool in the time that I have been at Durham. It allows us to gauge progress against where we want to be, compare ourselves with other organisations and create an action plan of things to look at which improve our overall approach to customers.

The survey itself is simple enough to complete. There is a series of questions and you score them from one to ten, with ten being bodacious. Being a congenital optimist I have to temper my responses with some reality and working in ICT I find myself asking more about what the question means than responding. We’ll get the results back soon.

Today was going to be one of those days that I spent at Northumberland but (again) I was asked to attend a meeting at Durham in the afternoon.

Our work to look at a possible merger between our respective ICT Services is going well. My first meeting of the day was to identify all of the external customers that we have between us. Clearly there is a lot of similarity across the two organisations as we basically do the same things but there are enough differences to suggest opportunities for improvement. The first step is to baseline the information.

After that we had two presentations to the team in Morpeth. The chamber wasn’t available (it may be a newsworthy event that we were kicked out for) and so we did them in the rooms in which the team work. The first went very well as did the second only there wasn’t a wall big enough to project the slides. We used a television screen instead and the odd ‘you won’t be able to read this’ was uttered but we will post the slides onto the intranet. We have to learn these things as we go along but for me the opportunity to communicate is more important than the quality of the presentation. No location is perfect especially when the windows are open and the grass is being cut outside. I need to agree a date for the next round.

After lunch and back at Durham we had a meeting of the Office Accommodation working group. It seems odd that I came all the way down from Northumberland to talk about agile working. I’m just saying!

Learning points for today: There’s a nice park in Chester-Le-Street at the Riverside; the Metro Centre is busy whatever time of day you go by; I made a typo in yesterday’s blog and wrote none instead of nine but I always get these mixed up; we do have telephone and video conferencing and; people have the same issues wherever you go.

Today’s enjoyment rating 9/10 – Presentations went well and we’re getting some traction.

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