A year of work in progress – day 99

Day 99 – 3 June 2014

Broadband Delivery UK keeps telling us that we are running one of the best programmes across the country. Apparently we are in their top five out of forty four. I’m not sure how they judge this or how we could get to number one, even if we wanted to. I think they do this in the belief that it will keep us sweet yet we don’t need this kind of incentive. In some ways we are unique though. We are the only programme which has so many unitary authorities in collaboration and I suppose flattery gets you everywhere.

This morning we hosted a meeting of all of the northern BDUK programmes at world headquarters in Spennymoor. About twenty people turned up and most areas were represented. I didn’t stay for the whole meeting as it was more about process and that’s Tony’s bag. We did open up with a presentation (Tony and I) about Digital Durham where I talked about our overall objectives and how we work to stimulate demand while Tony covered the great work we do using maps. Our use of mapping is one of those advantages of having the programme in with ICT Services. They looked very impressive and were better than my jokes.

I was reminded about our first house which was in Oxford. Over the road there was an interesting bloke called Trevor who was in his forties and lived with his mother. I told him that I was (at the time) in the motor trade. He thought about it for a while and said that cars were becoming quite the thing. I still laugh about it now and these days broadband is all over the news. It has become quite the thing.

I then went on to a meeting to talk about progress with our conference in October (it’s coming together) before making my way back to meet Irina at County Hall. It must be a month since we did the Dutch thing and I felt like it’s all oozed out of my mind.   It had. I was able to understand much of what Irina said but when it came to my turn to speak I was all over the place. I must practice harder and she gave me a book to read which will help. Apparently learning a second language (or a third) has been scientifically proven to keep your mind young. It’s a shame that it doesn’t have the same effect on the body.

The final meeting was a one-to-one with Lee which, as always was fun!

Learning points for today: My mind must be twenty years younger than my flesh; maps are great but then I knew that anyway; boxes breed, put one on a table and two will arrive; there are willing volunteers and; sitting in amongst the team is a fantastic way to engage.

Today’s enjoyment rating 9/10 – a little tired and disappointed with my Dutch.

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