A year of work in progress – day 85

Day 85 – 13 May 2014

There are some business names that make me not want to go there if you know what I mean. One of them is the Slug and Lettuce. It’s the name of a national pub chain and there is one of them in Durham near the Gala Theatre and the library. For some reason the name makes me feel slightly nauseous as if I expect to be served a gastropod as a tapas perhaps. There is only one thing worse than finding a slug in your salad however and that is to find half a one.

The reason I have started off on this track is that I was invited to a breakfast meeting of the Durham Business Improvement District or BID. I did seriously think about it even just for the bacon sandwich but the prospect of a 6:30 start and a walk down into the city was a step too far. I was only going to be an extra anyway and so I left it to the rest of the Digital Durham team. They are much more capable than I am anyway.

While I’m on that subject though our 13th cabinet went live today, another one in Durham. Yesterday we had one that went live in Consett and so they are coming through in a steady stream now and there are only another four hundred and eighty seven to go. Tony from OpenReach was our guest stickeronerer.

The drive in to County Hall was quite pleasant with blue skies making a difference from the dank weather we’ve been enjoying recently. I got in to find that the drop down area in the ground floor finance office which I use from time to time had been cleared of all the rubbish, including old ICT kit in order to make way for some members of our own Business Engagement Team. That was news to me not that it makes any difference but you always find something when you work out in the open office.

The main meeting of the morning was the Information Governance Group. There is always such a lot to cover and the agenda strains to contain all the points but it was pleasing to note the final death throes of both faxes and memory sticks. News of their demise may be premature yet they are definitely wounded. I have not used a fax since tabby was a kitten and my last memory stick incursion was to get a photo printed off from Boots as a mother’s day gift (I bought a nice frame as well in case you were thinking I was cheap and she did like it very much).

In the afternoon we had the Capital Portfolio board. I gave an update on Digital Durham and the other thirty three projects in the ICT capital programme. There were some overspends and some underspends so on balance things were on track. My last meeting was a one-to-one with my boss.

Learning points for today: Old jokes never die they are just used by dads; I don’t have to be involved in everything and; if you’ve lost the argument it’s not worth arguing.

Today’s enjoyment rating 7/10 – nothing too exciting.

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