A year of work in progress – day 86

Day 86 – 14 May 2014

Management Wednesday again or should I rename that leadership Wednesday? It doesn’t have quite the same ring. Today was an informal Senior Leadership Team where we get together without an agenda and agree what we are going to talk about on the day. We never have any problem filling the allocated time.

I hadn’t been at Tanfield for some time, at least not in any meaningful way, and so I took the opportunity to have a wander about the building to see what was going on. Business in the design and print seems to be holding up well though it is always a quiet time of year as the business takes a breath after year end before getting going again.

Neil started us off the SLT with a story about his golfing exploits which involved a buggy in a lift while I brought everyone up to date with the accommodation plans. We talked about some of the people issues coming up and how we were going to get through them. We then went through the long list of issues that are occupying my time that I identified on the 2nd May. There were sixty eight in total and we agreed, with the odd exception, who is going to take the lead on each one. It was laid out alphabetically from agile (as in different ways of working) to year 17/18 with some interesting stops on the way including consumerization, inter team relations, housing, stores and women in ICT. Just writing these things down has helped. I’m sharing the love.

Bob and I went for a short walk over lunch as the weather was so nice. We hadn’t got far until we came across some litter. An old Chief Executive once said to me, referring to a colleague ‘he’s the kind of person who steps over litter’ and ever since then I can’t see a piece of litter without hearing his words in my head. I still don’t really know what he meant. I avoided picking any up on the walk out but once we turned around I couldn’t help myself and by the time we got back both my hands were full of plastic bottles, aluminium drinks cans and fag packets. I don’t want to be one of those people and so I took a photo and tweeted it.

In the afternoon we had a meeting to look at the problems we had over the bank holiday weekend to learn some corporate lessons. It was a positive meeting and started out by focussing on what went well rather than diving straight into a bun fight.   It helped that we followed the Local Resilience Forum debrief methodology.

Learning points for today: There is a lot of litter about; we can make things change if each of us does a little bit; it never stops and; methodologies help.

Today’s enjoyment rating 8/10 – in and among the people is always fun.

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