A year of work in progress – day 84

Day 84 – 12 May 2014

It is just over five years since the seven former district councils came together with the old County Council to form the brand new Durham County Council. It was a process known a local government review (LGR for short) and it seems that we’ve been under review ever since. Happy birthday DCC!

This had to be one of the things that we were to talk about at the third round of presentations this year. Bob and I started off at Seaham. I try to rotate the pleasure of presenting to all of the Senior Leadership Team as it is good for their souls and it was his turn.

We had a lot to cover and the slides were too wordy for my liking and Bob’s. I would rather try and tell a story than present facts and figures but the slides play a dual role in providing a background to what we are saying and a reference that people can come back to later. The key is not to read verbatim what the slides say. Bob and I agreed to skip though them and highlight some salient points.

One thing that did come out is that we are taking on another six apprentices as soon as we can and that this time we are going to make a real effort to get more women to apply. I would like to try and get them to work across the organisation and possibly with the community and voluntary sector as well. It’s an exciting opportunity.

I forgot to start with a story even though I had one prepared about Peter Appleton and the issues over the bank holiday weekend. Still I got a second chance in the afternoon session

Apart from what has happened since LGR we covered our review of the ICT Strategy, some feedback from where we are with the Building Schools for the Future programme and the usual people stuff.

After Spectrum it was back to County Hall for an Office Accommodation programme meeting. There has been a lot of movement between buildings again since LGR but we are yet to address ‘El Gordo’. Its time is coming though and this is the group that is going to lead on future moves. Of course by the time I got there I was lucky to get the last space in the top tier of the car park.

I came out with a work stream to lead along with Kim in HR.

Learning points for today: The whole of life is contained within Seinfeld; there is a veneer of duck-shovelling going on and; the threat of free stuff can cause a lot of consternation but I’ll worry about it if and when they turn up.

Today’s enjoyment rating 8/10 – Excitement all-round!

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