There is just too much

My head is aching.  There is just too much to take in these days.  Life is changing so fast and in so many directions you could spend a life time working on a single item in a single field and never run out of things to do.

Last week’s Socitm North East meeting was a case in point.  It was predominantly based around a schools’ theme with three speakers who talked about related yet very different things.  First up was Steve from Brocade, who sponsored the event.  He talked about networking and how internet protocol is having to change to keep up with the way that market is going.  The new IP has to accommodate so many physical devices of differing manufacturers, ages and standards that it has to be virtual in its nature.  Apparently seventy five per cent of Chief Information Officers feel that their network is holding back innovation.  Why didn’t I know that?  Have I not been paying attention?

Next up was Kevin, a lawyer who had come to tell us about that horrible word, Academisation.  He told us about the mind-boggling complexity of the way that the schools’ academy programme was going or perhaps not as the government plans seem to change every week.  He went on to describe the morass of rules and regulations that you had to wade through to set up an academy.  It was something like a Kafka novel.  When did all this legislation appear?  Perhaps I drifted off at that point.

Finally, it was Martin’s turn to talk about cyber-crime.  He has a police background and understands the threat and the battle we are all facing just to keep up.  It’s an arms race.  It’s hard enough when you are a big organisation with the resources to tackle it but I fear for the little guys.  Every time I hear these talks, and I have heard a few over the last year, I come away feeling terrified, hopeless and even a little hapless.  How can I possibly hope to keep up?  Where am I going to find the time to stay safe?

It’s all too much if I stop to think about it yet somehow I survive to fight another day.  These Socitm meetings are really great.

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