Every office

I’ve been toying lately with a crazy idea. You see I am a Guerrilla Worker without a desk or an office.  I go where I think that I am needed or where I see an opportunity.  I like to be in and out before I get too bogged down in whatever is going on.

I’m currently working on helping the council adopt new ways of working.  New to us that is rather than new to the world of work.  It is part of our intention to come out of County Hall and operate out of a number of strategic sites.  To achieve this, we will have to be more mobile, more agile and work on a smaller desk to people ratio than we are used to.  We currently have more desks than you could shake a stick at.

You see County Hall and I are approaching a similar fate.  We are both children of the sixties.  In a few short years its career and mine will come to an end.  She probably has less than five years left and it is in the lap of the gods how long I have to go.  In a way, new ways of working are a journey we share together.

So what is the crazy idea?  Well, County Hall is filled with offices.  Some are big while others are small.  There are open plan spaces, meeting rooms and an array of support spaces such as cupboards, kitchenettes and toilet facilities.  Over the next few years I could take the chance to work in as many of them as possible.  I could combine my drive as a Guerrilla Worker and my curiosity for the old building to become the only recorded person to have achieved such a feat.

Why?  Because it was there.

Most of the floors are similar in their layout though the numbers of cellular offices differ.  The outer walls are where the offices lie while the centre is taken up with utilities and support facilities.  The lower ground floor and the very top floor are unique.  Helpfully, all rooms are numbered.  There are some rooms that I am never going to be able to work in, such as the women’s toilets but as I am setting the rules then this won’t matter.

I’ve got myself some maps and am gradually working along the floors as opportunity allows.  Will I make it?  Who knows but at some time in the future I will be able to sit my grandchildren on my knees and tell them all about how I was the one who worked all the rooms in the great County Hall.

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