The room for improvement will soon be no more.  Its time has passed.  It is over two and a half years now since I gave up my office and my desk and opened up the room as a general meeting space.  I named it the room for improvement for a bit of a laugh.  It is the biggest room in your business.  It used to get the odd chuckle.

Soon it will be just room 5/109.  The one hundred and ninth room on the fifth floor with a lovely view of the cathedral spire high above the wooded hills that stretch form Aykley Heads down to the city.

David has finally got round to putting the room onto our room booking system.  We have had the system for a long time and all of the main committee rooms were on it yet there were many hidden meeting rooms dotted around County Hall that remained outside of its reach.  Over the last few months some of us have been going round the building identifying those rooms that the services have kept for themselves as meeting places.  It turns out there were quite a few.

It will be the end of an era.  There really is no turning back from here.  I cannot go back to having an office other than by going cap in hand to Facilities Management.

The truth is though that I haven’t missed the room.  I am using it less and less, indeed I have been in it once in this month.  What is interesting is that it has forced me into new practices.  When I find myself with nowhere to go I can’t go and sit in my office as I literally have nowhere to go.  I have to set myself down somewhere else.  I have to get in amongst the people.  Also, I have no paper.  I can’t take it because I have nowhere to put it.  I have to scan it, or email it otherwise I have to carry it around with me.

Jettisoning my office has been a liberating experience.  Rather than being a draw back or a difficulty it has set me free.  No longer am I constrained by the four walls that defines many people’s work.

I will not be going back.

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