A pot stirrer

Some days it’s hard to describe what I actually do.  I come home feeling very tired so I must be doing something.  I was chatting to Simon from the Federation of Small Businesses about that very thing.  We were at the (fantastic) Dynamo 16 conference.  We bump into each other quite often.

We both do a lot of talking.  Words are our weapons and our tools.  We go around talking to people.  We try to enthuse people, we try to get them thinking about the opportunities and we try to get movement.

We are pot stirrers.

Our jobs are to talk to people and join them together.  We don’t necessarily do anything yet we may well be the glue that holds this all together.  Who knows?

Like frogs in a vat of milk we swim round and round until a lump of butter is formed.  We can then hop out and into the next vat.

But I am just part of an ecosystem.  I deliver very little.  I rely upon some of the people I work with to deliver that and I am assuming that they rely upon me to do whatever it is that I do.

At the conference, I lead a break out session on intelligence about the North East digital and technology market.  We had three speakers as well as me.  Each of them brought a different perspective to the problem.  Each was trying to address the same thing but form different angles.  Without their enthusiasm and insight, we will never crack the issues we are grappling with.  My job was to spot the opportunity to bring them all together.  I am a pot stirrer and this one looks to be bubbling very nicely.

You see no man is an island and it takes allsorts to make things happen.

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