My first Local Chief Information Officer Council


Well, to be honest, I quite enjoyed my first Local Chief Information Officer Council meeting.  Let’s call it LCIOC for short.  Part of me was determined not to while another pat was secretly looking forward to it.   As I have ended up chairing the local branch of Socitm (nee Society of ICT Managers) I felt I really ought to show my face.

The trip down to London was long and the trip back was even longer yet the group was good and the subjects interesting.  As always I got to meet some nice people who may be of use in the future, especially around open data, school’s services and mobile connectivity.  It’s not surprising really as we are all working on the same things.  Some are ahead in some things and others are ahead in others.

I thought I would only have a watching brief but ended up asking a few more questions than I had wanted to.

We had a presentation and discussion around what Aylesbury Vale District Council was up to with a wide transformation programme.  Maryvonne used to work at Unipart, in the automotive aftermarket and so we shared a similar history.  We had a presentation on the National ICT Procurement Strategy for Local Government or NatCatStrat 1 and 2 as they are snazzily known. We were brought ‘Up to Speed’ and ‘Better Connected’ and ended up with a closed door discussion about security.  I am sworn to secrecy otherwise I would tell.

All that was great and interesting yet what I found most fascinating was the juxtaposition and playoff between central government, local government and the commercial sectors.  While we talk the language of collaboration and co-creation there is still a bit of us and them about.

Still, I’m not going to try and solve the world, or boil the ocean as Dylan put it.  I have enough of a job trying to influence change within my own organisation if not my own service and so I’ll leave that to the chair.

I took copious notes to feed back to my colleagues when I get back up North.

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