Too many to shake a stick at. 

I’ve ended up with a new team.  I think I’ve already told you that.  It covers a lot of transactional stuff around payments, collections and human resources and so there are a lot of people involved.  Too many to shake a stick at.

I held my first one to one with Michelle.  Those with the other managers are arranged for later in the week as it took a little while to get my diary knocked into a cocked hat.  That expression only makes sense if you know what cocked hats are.

Anyway, I was looking forward to today.  Rather than go through a whole list of performance measures and issues I wanted to get a flavour of how things were.  I asked lots of questions about what she liked to do, what is going well and of course what help could I offer.

Afterwards I decided that I would go and say hi to everyone, shake their hands and all that.  It’s not that I want to interfere or anything but rather wanted them to know who I was when they would inevitably see me wandering around or sitting next to them and opening my laptop.

I did a couple of floors only and will catch the rest the next time I am in.

‘I’m Phil and I just wanted to say hi.  I’m the new Head of Service, or at least the interim one while Paul is in his new role.’

It was an interesting if not unnerving experience.  It took me a little while to pluck up the courage to get stuck in.  Why I don’t know.  The range of responses was interesting, however.  The while gamut of human emotion came out through this simple exercise.  Actually, nobody burst into tears and so perhaps this isn’t completely true.  Some people seemed happy to meet me, some even delighted.  Some were surprised while others seemed more reserved and some were even sceptical, suspicious and in a very few cases cynical.  Most people gave me their name even though I haven’t a cat in hells chance of remembering them all no matter how hard I try.  I don’t think that’s the point though.

As I do, I sat down at an empty desk and did my thing.  I chatted with my neighbours and had a few laughs.  I was offered two cups of tea while I was working away which was very kind and much appreciated.

I have a few more hands to shake before I get around the whole team.

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