Flying saucers

Sometimes you mean to do something yet your actions give you away.  Your thoughts and words say one think but you inadvertently give a different message with the things you do.

The expression ‘do as I say and not what I do’ was created for such occasions. If they didn’t happen then it wouldn’t be needed.

Often I hear colleagues say ‘my door is always open’ as if this somehow makes them more approachable. They really need to question why they have a door in the first place.

I was with the Leadership Team thinking and planning for 2018/19 and even the following year. That has to be good in itself yet it occurred to me that the shape we have been working towards wasn’t being played out in reality.  Our organisation was structured in a way that was contradictory to the story we were telling.

We talked about the same thing at the Management Team meeting and this time I drew what I meant onWP_20160616_08_31_07_Pro the white board.  I felt that we were still structured in a pyramidal or triangular fashion with each person having a number of reportees and they in turn having more.  Perhaps reportee should be a banned word as it implies an ownership.

I then went on to draw an oval for the Leadership Team which overlapped a larger oval for the Management Team and linWP_20160616_08_31_14_Proes coming out of the bottom that represented our fluid delivery families.  It looked like a flying saucer.

You see the trouble is that we try to force the business into our hierarchical structure rather than shape our structure to fit the ever changing needs of the business and we keep reinforcing the structure through our actions, our geography and our culture.

From now on our target operating model will be a flying saucer.

I’ve never used photos before in my blog – you can see why.

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