Twenty six days of colour – Viridian #AtoZchallenge         

Why say parents when you can say antecedents?  Why have a desk when you can invest in a Bonheur de jour?  Why say green when you can say viridian?  Ok, so it’s more of blueish green, somewhere between the two but that shouldn’t stop you.  It sounds more intelligent, you sound more knowledgeable and better read if not pretentious.

The most interesting thing about the A-Z Blogging Challenge to me is the opportunity to learn something new. I find new perspectives in the blogs that I read and I uncover new facts when trying to write about something I have not encountered before.  I’ve never used the word viridian in any of my previous blogs.  It just doesn’t come up on a daily basis.

What I have learnt though is that there was, in recent history, a Viridian Design Movement. Founded in 1998 by post cyberpunk author (whatever one of those is) Bruce Sterling, to focus on the use of innovative design and technology to solve environmental issues.  The colour viridian was chosen as it is a shade of green that does not look quite natural and contrasted with the so called leaf green of the more traditional environmentalists. The movement was closed in 2008.

Technology can be seen as the scourge of environmentalism.  It uses energy like nobody’s business as well as precious metals.  It has helped to create a highly disposal culture.  Apparently the IT industry has the same carbon footprint as the airline industry.  Carbon footprint is a phrase that has slipped out of the vernacular.

IT can also be seen as the saviour of the environment.  It can reduce travel, it can drive up efficiency and it can enable us to do things that we never thought possible yet every time advances are made to reduce power consumption more ways of using the technology are found.

We replace all our kit regularly to keep it as efficient as possible.  We use so called free cooling in our data centre and our policies are reducing mileage claims yet we need to do more.  We need to take every opportunity we can to use the technology we have to improve our impact on the environment and not make things worse.

We need to resurrect the viridian movement.

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