Twenty six days of colour – Ultramarine #AtoZchallenge       

We’re at the business end of the A-Z Blogging challenge.  The alphabet is thinning out with only six days left.  There are not many words that start with the letters at the end of this syllabary.  My colour palette is thinning out as well.  There are only twelve colours covering the run in and on four of the days I only have the choice of one.  This makes the task all the more interesting and the stories perhaps all the more tenuous.  I apologise in advance.

Today is a one colour day.  I only have ultramarine to go with, a deep blue colour made from ground lapis lazuli.  Its name means literally beyond the sea because it comes from exotic places.

The sea has played such a large role in the development of our region.  We may seem like a region of relatively low diversity yet our genes tell a different story.  We are a mix of peoples from over the sea.

Ship building has also played a major part in our economic history.  Both the Tyne and the Wear were big rivers.  Sunderland used to be referred to as the largest shipbuilding town in the world with over four hundred registered shipyards. Thomas Menvill opened the first shipbuilding yard in Hendon way back in 1346.  Most of it has gone now.

Oil, gas and renewable energies are playing their part today.

We can’t rest on our laurels though or sit and lick our wounds.  Industry has changed and it is our job to create and attract new jobs, using new skills and new ideas.  Most of the future jobs will be, or involve digital and this highlights why the work we are doing on data, skills and broadband are so important.

We cannot rely on business within our own region for growth.  We need to look at the opportunities and threats in a global context.  Our future is dependent on what is happening overseas.

Our future is ultramarine.

I am now at eight hundred and eight one on the A-Z Challenge sign up list.

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