Twenty six days of colour – Wheat #AtoZchallenge   

Wheat or Wisteria, that is what I have to go with today, grain or peas.  I suppose I could have gone with white but is that a colour?  White is the presence of all colours just as black is the absence of light.   Sometimes it doesn’t help to be so pedantic.  At our Christmas quiz the question was asked ‘What colour is Santa’s belt?’  My answer did not go down well.

Wisteria is too close to Heliotrope which I have already done and so wheat it is.

Wheat is the third most-produced cereal in the world.  Maize is second and rice is first.  Global production is over seven hundred million tonnes a year.  That is a lot of bread.

In Outlook you can use colour to categorise the different types of meetings that have been set up.  The colour for video conferences looks a bit like wheat.  I’ve done video conferences as well though.

I’m clutching at straws (pun intended) and from wheat we get chaff as in sorting one form the other.  Chaff is worthless matter or refuse, stuff to be discarded.  The military also use it to refer to the strips of metal foil dropped by an aircraft that confuse the enemy radar by creating false blips.

Work life is filled with chaff.  There are many false blips on our radars and so the job of anyone with responsibility is to make sure that the chaff does not become the purpose of the organisation.  It is very easy to get bogged down in the minutiae.  It is very easy to get side tracked.  My focus must be on bringing people back to what our main purpose is, to deliver services on behalf of the people of Durham.

As Steven Kelly, Chief Executive Officer of Sage once told me, ‘never miss the opportunity to remind people what is important.’  I need less chaff and more wheat.

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