Unfolding plans 55 – change is a great agent for change

Change is a great agent for change.  They say that necessity is the mother of all invention and it is much easier to introduce change during periods of turmoil.

Austerity has helped in a strange way.  The need to save money has allowed us to introduce many things that we could well have struggled with before.  The last few years in the public sector have been difficult, resource is very tight and the next few years won’t be any better yet we have made some significant changes for the better.  The new telephone system and our move to multi-functional printers are two cases in point.  They’ve saved us a small fortune.

Structural reorganisation has also given us another chance.  Bringing new groups of people together under new management arrangements allows people to form new bonds, learn new skills and develop new shared experiences.   Restructures may be disruptive but there is no cloud without a silver lining.

My question is though why do we need to wait?  Why do we need to wait for things to be different before we implement change?  Why do we need to wait for someone to impose a change from on high before we use this as a catalyst to make a difference?

It is a hypothetical question as I’m not sure there is an answer.  Perhaps people have enough on their plates already to get involved in other stuff.  Perhaps they hadn’t thought of the opportunity until the opportunity opens up before them.  Perhaps they weren’t aware that there were alternatives out there until they appeared before their eyes.  Who knows?

If change a leads to change b, could it be that by instigating change b then change a will be the outcome?  Rather than waiting for an opportunity to arise to make the change that you would like to see, could making the change anyway lead to the very opportunity.  Is this a Catch 22 or just perverse logic?  Now the pedantic amongst us will already be thinking along the lines of if a bottle breaks then the liquid within will pour out, so if I pour out the liquid will the bottle break.  No, it won’t but that’s not what I mean.

I am talking about the opportunity to get involved in projects that may be of interest, or getting involved in changing processes that are crying out for review, or having the chance to work with people that you admire.  It is not complicated, it is certainly not rocket science, it is just a question of if the door isn’t open then open it yourself.

Was it Ghandi that said ‘be the change that you wish to see’? Somehow there is a latent demand in all of us to get involved in new things given the opportunity.  New experiences are the creative spark that we need to drive change both within ourselves and where we work.  Waiting for change to happen is an inefficient use of the talents that we have.  We should stop waiting, get involved, try it out and make those relationships.   What’s stopping us?

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