A year of work in progress – day 140

Day 140 – 20 August 2014

You go away for a couple of weeks and everything happens. The car park outside of Meadowfield has been extended (the islands have been removed) which is going to make it easier once everyone is back in September. More importantly the stairs have been fixed to the new upstairs ICT area and all sanitation problems have been resolved. If it wasn’t for the windows the place is looking spot on. I won’t say too much about them but I am at a loss for words how anyone could think that they are acceptable. I took some photos.

Downstairs the extension to the stores has been completed and this is now being used as a PC build room. The process is being redefined but there is now capacity to have forty five machines (about a week’s worth) built at once and I am told, though this still needs to be confirmed, that the time taken to issue a new desktop device has been cut in half. Whether this is true or not it is a great start to improving the flow and just goes to show what can happen if you take the time to challenge.

It was management Wednesday again and a month since the last Project Leads’ meeting. Turnout was good and we had two things on the agenda, rocks in the stream and an update on the work with the calls that come through the Service Desk. Before we got underway we had a conversation about a few things that are going on. We talked about the drone, our visit to Newcastle, the role of Dynamo, the restructure and the re-write of the strategy.

‘Rocks in the stream’ is something that we’ve been looking at since the beginning of April. Where has the time gone? Just to recap, we often focus on the big things yet flow isn’t always about these. Big things have a momentum of their own and they can take care of themselves. It is often the little things that get in the way and stop us from doing our jobs. They are like rocks in a stream and they need to be removed.

Two songs are going round in my head, ‘Islands in the stream’ and ‘Ole man river’:

He mus’know sumpin’ But don’t say nuthin’, He jes’keeps rollin’ He keeps on rollin’ along.

Neil got it all going with a no-blame introduction and got the team to look at permissions and access levels. Graham made the very valid point that this is not so much about rights but about the job that people are expected to do. The key though is collaboration – another drum I have been banging on about. There was a lot of good conversation, interaction and collaboration and we went away with a few actions, as always.

In the afternoon we had an informal Senior Leadership Team.

Learning points for today: Apparently you can send a man to do a woman’s job; apparently it turns out it was a woman who did the job anyway; we need to apply more CST (common sense thing); I don’t need the hand dryer to tell me how long it is since I put my hands in and; there is no short cut between Tanfield and Meadowfield.

Today’s enjoyment rating 8/10 – nice and steady.

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