A year of work in progress – day 125

Day 125 – 17 July 2014

This morning I was supposed to be in Durham for eight thirty and Northumberland for nine thirty. Unless matter transference has been developed then I’m snookered. Perhaps I should fill in a capital application.

It’s going to take some time for use to change our thinking from being two separate organisations to one after all it’s taken us a few years to break down county versus district feelings. It will also take me a little time to make sure that I know what is moist important across both authorities and attend the right meetings.

Anyway, my first meeting only lasted for thirty minutes. It was about web casting council meetings and so was able to join Colette and Don on the journey back up to Morpeth. It was not the most comfortable of journeys as there was a crash in Team Valley and after twenty minutes delay we decided to turn back.

This meant that I could get back on with my original plans and attend the ICT Customer Group. We talked about feedback from the customer workshops and what actions we need to address. We also looked forward to Customer Service Week (6-10 October 2014) and the activities we are planning. We’re thinking about more back to the floor (but including the Senior Project Leads as well), some open sessions on the ICT we have and how our customers can use it better and perhaps as well as some fun activities for the whole team (cake bake, darts, team quiz?). We’ve still got a little time to develop our thoughts.

Over lunch we had the latest Digital Durham Strategic Programme Board. We’re flying along now and have gone through the ten thousand properties passed mark (THP). Just under fifty cabinets are live and we just need to keep the pressure on. Tony relishes the procurement and business administration stuff. He is very good at it. The board agreed to bring North Tyneside Council into the programme which makes ten councils now working together.

In the afternoon I made my way to the all-new Meadowfield for the last presentation of this round. The turnout wasn’t great but we’re still moving house and this was the first time that we had had two sessions within that building. Finally I ended up at Digital Durham world headquarters for a meeting with Mr T.

By the way we’ve won some exciting new business.

Learning points for today: The flight from responsibility can be catastrophic (that was one of Lawrence’s); you can’t type in a car (I was in the back seat and not driving); what you are doing is not necessarily what others think you are doing; a rolling stone covered in glue collects a lot of moss and; they’re slippery so you need to watch what you do.

Today’s enjoyment rating 7/10 – Up and down. Should have been a better day (and in many ways it was).

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