A year of work in progress – day 112

Day 112 – 27 June 2014

This morning my Windows Explorer wasn’t working. I think that’s what it is called but it’s the application through which you can manage all of your files just in case there is any doubt. For me it is one of the most important applications we have. Rather than throwing all of your files into a big lump, like your garage or your loft, it helps me keep things nice and tidy and even more importantly, to find them again.

For some reason the file icons weren’t appearing and I couldn’t expand the file trees (it might be helpful to have it open in front of you so you know what I mean). What was worrying me is that I had suffered from a terminal disc failure (see day 94) and just prior to this the same application was doing some very funny things. I tried closing and opening the application and it would run fine for a little while and then turn turtle.

Eventually after I was no longer able to rename or delete files I closed the machine down to install some Windows updates. These seem to have done the trick and so fingers crossed but I still have that nervous feeling.

Today turned out to be a quiet one. Apart from a quick business development discussion and a union meeting the majority of the day was free.  The union meeting was very useful. We introduced them a couple of months ago and, like most things, they took a few goes to get going. They are good opportunities to get issues and concerns out onto the table and to hear things from the horse’s mouth (that’s me that is).

I had planned to meet Irina over lunch to continue my Dutch but the implementation of Oracle E12 is going so well she was not needed on site. Not good for my linguistic skills but good for the programme and so I’ll take some cold comfort.

I still managed twenty six meetings over the week and so kept up my average. I met eight new people and said goodbye to one of the Durham Head of Service who is retiring. When I popped in to see him he was going through all the paper he never really needed to keep and was either recycling it or putting it into the confidential waste bin. At least I won’t have that job when it comes to my turn.

Ah well, two days until Monday.

Learning points for today: The average human gives off the same amount of heat as a 100w light bulb (a meaningless statistic completely transformed by changing technology); the little tiles that Roman’s used in their mosaics are called tesserae; there is always is good time to do something and; I’m glad that I made the effort to say goodbye.

Today’s enjoyment rating 8/10 – nothing bad but nothing special.

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