A year of work in progress – day 28

Day 28 – 11 February 2014

Ah well. I didn’t win.  Newcastle and Bucks did so at least something came to the region.  I got down to the last six out of fifty seven bids and I made a couple of useful contacts, one from the Department for Communities and Local Government and one form Edinburgh City Council who have done something not quite the same but similar.

On the plane home I finished the book ‘Transforming Health Care – Virginia Mason Medical Centre’s Pursuit of the Perfect Patient Experience’.  It took me a while as I’ve been reading other books at the same time.  If you work in the public sector you should read this as the answers to all of the issues that we face every day are within its covers.

It is about an industry that is paid by volume rather than quality, that is run by highly intelligent experts that are untouchable and that has lost its focus on what it was set up to do – to look after patients.  Sound familiar? It doesn’t talk about my issues, just their own but the parallel is obvious.

I will be asking my managers to read it.

My first meeting was with one of the journalists from the Northern Echo.  They have been very supportive of our Digital Durham programme particularly up in Teesdale but it has been a confusing and confused process to get here so far.  Getting together was an opportunity to give some of the background to the programme and a description of what is happening next.   Dealing with multiple funding bodies and government departments has been interesting to say the least.  Many times I would l have liked the papers to publish exactly what I thought but better not to bite the hand that feeds.

Lunchtime was with Lawrence, my wingman.  The term comes from the military and refers to the practice of flying slightly behind and to the side of the lead aircraft in a formation.  The job of the wingman is to watch the back of the lead pilot.  It was Lawrence’s idea that we stick up for and promote each other when we are out and about.  We meet every month to chew the cud and chew the food in the restaurant.

After lunch it was the Capital Portfolio board and then another presentation to the Tier 4 group about PSN.  My last meeting was postponed and so only six of them today.

Learning points for today:   I have realized how little I have achieved and how much more there is still for me to do; Success depends not on the action of a charismatic, heroic individual but on the system; Synaesthesia is a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.  Synesthetes can see colours associated with words; Tuesday is reddish pink; Wednesday is green and; Friday is orange apparently.

Today’s enjoyment rating 8/10 – Yeah, good.

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