Dynamites 16

This year is the third time that we have run the Dynamo North East annual awards event – Dynamites 16. As a board member of Dynamo, the organisation that is working to grow the IT industry across the North East, I have been very keen to see the event go from strength to strength.  Why?  Because it is one of those opportunities for us to tell the world about the great things that go on here.

And we have so many good stories to tell.  We are world leaders in many areas, gaming, health, government processing, renewable energy and data analysis to name but a few.  Let’s not forget that the only FTSE100 tech company has its head office right here in the region.

Yet to many we are an unknown quantity.  Think of the North East and many are still drawn to thoughts of shipbuilding and mining.  These industries have left their mark yet are mainly history now.  We are the only region in the country, however, with a positive balance of trade.  We are net exporters of goods and services and so manufacturing still has a large role to play.

All jobs in the future will require some technical competence or input and we need to work harder to compete against the ever increasing back ground noise of global technology.  Being better than your neighbours is not enough.  We need to be the best in the world and Dynamites 16 is a great way of showing just what we are capable of.

With our Digital Durham programme, a collaboration of ten local authorities working to bring effective broadband across the whole region, I was lucky enough to lift the first ever Dynamites trophy that was announced.  There have been many deserving winners since then representing all walks of our industry’s life and I urge you to get your entries in as soon as you can.  The closing date is 16 September.

If we can’t tell our stories and celebrate our successes, then who will?

This year I have the honour of chairing the judging panel for Dynamites 16 and I am looking forward to working through the enormous pile of entries that represent the very best of the IT talent in the North East.

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