Birds in the belfry

Up on floor five I was distracted by a flock of swifts that were flying past the window. I had my back to them but could see their reflections flitting across the screen of the laptop.  In all my years here at County Hall I have never seen birds flock around the building in the way that they did.  There was something a little daunting about it, something a little Hitchcock.

They could have been swallows or even house martins.  I’m not too up on these kind of things.  I imagine that they were interested in the insects that were gathering underneath the eves of County Hall.  It was a very warm day and they were doing their best to fatten up before the colder months are upon us.  They will be along soon enough.

I shut the window as they were getting a bit too close for comfort.  I later heard that others had not been so quick and that a couple of birds had got into Gordon’s office on the next floor below.  Our worlds had collided.  The birds had entered the domain of the human and the humans had become mixed up with the avine. What a flap ensued.  The poor creatures could not work out how to get back out of the window and the equally poor humans could not work out how to persuade them otherwise.  Our systems had broken down.  We could not cope.  We were well out of our comfort zones.

The parallel is obvious.  Everything was fine until one world bled into another, but once the breach was made panic ensued.  There was no policy to pull off the shelf, no business continuity plan.  There was no time to sit down and formulate a plan.  No one had foreseen this happening.  We just had to do what we have always done in these circumstances and do the best that we can, make it up as we go along.

Sometimes life just gets in the way.

I’m afraid I don’t know the outcome for the birds.  I hope they escaped intact and that no birds were hurt in the making of this blog.

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