Durham Student Life

Our student app has gone live.  It was a few weeks in the making and a few months in the waiting.  After all there was little point in launching something until the students were around to appreciate it.  They’ll be starting soon.  It has been a small step for apps and a giant leap for the council.

This is our first venture into public facing apps.  We wanted to develop something that could test our approach and the public’s appetite for such things.  Sometimes you can only find out things by doing them.  The idea came from a series of fortuitous meetings.

I was out talking to a local company about apprentices and we got around to their main line of business, writing apps.  I said that I had never really seen the need for a council app.  I don’t have one for the council in the area I live but Russell said that I needed to think of them in much narrower terms.  Apps need to deliver smaller and more specific information.  When I got back to base I was talking to Alan about what I had discovered which was when he told me that they had wanted to develop a student app for some time.

And now it has arrived.

Already we are talking about what others we can produce and how we should govern them.  It’s amazing how quickly we fall into our normal practices.  We see the world in a very specific way yet we set out on this journey to test the validity of apps.  So far, it hasn’t been used in anger and so we are short of such information.  I think we just need to give it a bit of time and not get too excited.

It looks great though and is available on all three mobile platforms.  Perhaps you can have a look and let me know what you think.  It’s called Durham Student Life.

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