About the people

My boss is leaving this week.  He is retiring after forty years in public service.  I will miss him as I’ve been working both for him and with him for half a dozen years now.  All good things must come to pass however and I wish him well in whatever he ends up doing.

Of course this is going to lead to a period of uncertainty.  I’m going to end up with someone new to report to. They may be an internal candidate which would lead to further reorganisation or they may be external which could lead to, well who knows what.  Either way it is an opportunity to develop new relationships, try new things and get involved in new experiences.

I’m not daunted by this.  While I have enjoyed working with my current boss, life moves on and change is a constant.  I’m looking forward yet my mind is tending to race with the multiple possible outcomes.  I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

We held a small gathering to say goodbye.  Just like me he didn’t want much fuss yet people want to mark the occasion.  We had some juice and cake.  Paul gave a nice speech thanking Don for all of his help and support.  He listed some of the things that had been achieved during his tenure.  There were many.

Don responded with a few anecdotes, the kind of thing that comes out when people leave their jobs.  He is a keen golfer and so that was mentioned a few times as well.  At the end though he told us how much he had enjoyed what he had done and how he was very lucky to have worked for so long doing something that he really loved.  For him everything was about the relationships with people.  For those of us working in the public sector especially we should not forget this.

In the end, all of our careers are fleeting.  People come and people go.  New relationships are formed and in the end they all get broken.  It is what happens in the middle that is important.  It is all about the people.

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