Creativity is not just art

If I had my time over again I would have done more art at school.  I would have studied languages as well as mathematics more.  I would have tried harder, experienced more things, studied more and made the most of the opportunity that a decent education offers.

These are not regrets but if I had known then what I know now!  Life is too precious to waste on youth.

I want to create.  Artistic people are creative and so I was fascinated by a presentation given by Irini Papadimitriou at Thinking Digital.  She is the Digital Programmes Manager at the Victoria and Albert Museum.  Her work brings artists, designers, engineers, technologists and the public together to take different perspectives on the world of art and technology.

I have always been fascinated by the clash of perspectives that bringing people form varying backgrounds can have on problem solving.  I am interested in the relationship between artists and technology, technologists and art.  Sometimes only the innocent can understand.  Sometimes it’s hard to break out of your own expertise.  We must not let our ideas of the past pollute the opportunities of the future.

I am creative.  I may not express myself through oils on canvas or through moulding clay yet, in my own way I create through thought, through process and through engagement.  I create through my blog and though my presentations.

My work is a performance art.

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