Twenty six days of colour – Magnolia #AtoZchallenge

Some colours are not what they set out to portray.  Magnolia, for me, is one of them.  The blossom on the tree is magnificent, with subtle shades of cream and romantic pink tinges.  In the springtime, if that ever comes to the North East of England this year, the Magnolia in bloom is a sight to behold.  The paint colour magnolia however, is a drab uniform off white or cream.  It is ubiquitous in every office building and is the scourge of many a living room.

Jade is no better, I have never seen any yet that is jade green and as for chestnut or olive, let’s not go there.  Colour in real life isn’t uniform.  It is variegated, textured and blended.  Real colours change over time with the seasons, with decay and with rebirth.  Colours are fecund.

Can decorative surfaces and paint finishes ever imitate life?  Can you ever substitute for the real thing?

Therein lies the rub as they say.   Those of us working in technology will talk to you about all the merits of virtual reality and it is true that every day the online experience gets better and better but will it ever surpass real reality?

In the virtual world will you ever feel the gentle breeze in your hair on a warm summer’s day, small the scent of a posy of fresh cut freesias or hear the crunch of gravel under your feet?  Perhaps we will one day but not this day.

I have always said that there is no substitute for face to face contact.  That is why we continue to hold the Society of ICT Managers regional meetings in a room.  We could use technology but we don’t.  There is also no substitute for the taste of a carvery lunch which is why we continue to meet at a local hotel.

The only thing magnolia about today’s meeting was the colour of the walls.

2 thoughts on “Twenty six days of colour – Magnolia #AtoZchallenge

  1. Paint colour names are …. totally weird. At least magnolia gives a hint of what it should look like. We painted our kitchen cream with a bright burnt yellow wall but their paint names were Sheik and pale moon…. and my husband told me if people didn’t like them they’d be shriek and pale gloom. We used the left over sheik to paint a box that we put our camping gear in. It was uber heavy and my husband said Its not sheik its shrek cause you have to be Shrek to lift it … and its been called the Shrek box every since. All the best with the rest of the challenge

    PS I carried double magnolias in my wedding bouquet almost 34 years ago. I love them

    1. What a lovely story thanks. My home town is called Morpeth and we jokingly call it Morpork after a Terry Pratchett novel. In our hall there is a rug that moves every time you step on it and that is known as ‘the wandering rug of Morpork’.

      Language is such a funny thing. My wife had freesias in her bouquet and I still love the scent.

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