Twenty six days of colour – Lavender and Lawn Green #AtoZchallenge

You get two colours for the price of one today, lavender and lawn green.  These are the colours of the Suffragette Movement.  Emily Davis was born in my home town.  She died trying to put a sash over the head of the king’s horse.  I once went to an exhibition in the town hall which had some of her artefacts including a ring she was wearing at the time.  It gave off a strange vibe.

Lavender and lawn green are also the colours of Stanley Town Council.  I don’t know if that is a coincidence or they are just colours that go well together.  Perhaps they are pleasing on the eye or were en vogue when the council was created.

So today I have two colours and two themes for the blog, women into ICT (my feeble attempt at emancipation) and Smart Stanley.

The number of girls coming into ICT as a career is woefully low.  We are doing our bit to try and encourage schools, parents, governors and careers advice people that it is a worthwhile profession.  Aimie and Sandra have set up some events at secondary schools to get children involved, boys as well as girls.  I have a slot at the next Durham Association of Secondary Heads to drum up support.

As for Smart Stanley, a project to use digital to enhance the town centre experience, the web site is nearly ready to launch.  It will have interactive maps of places to go and individual pages for businesses to promote their wares.  This afternoon though, we had a presentation from Shaun who has been doing something similar for Chipping Norton.  I’ve been there many a time and drawing a comparison with Stanley is interesting.  They are different towns though their challenges have many similarities.

Chipping Norton’s colours are three shades of green.

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